Scaffolder Energy

Scaffolder Energy Sp. z o.o. was established on 1st May 2014. The majority shareholder is Scaffolder Polska Sp. z o.o.


The establishment of Scaffolder Energy was the result of the process of furher specialisation in providing services in various industrial sectors both in Poland and UE.
Scaffolder Energy is responsible for providing high quality services in the energy sector including power plants, heat and power plants, incineration of biomass, nuclear power plants. As the result of separation of energy projects, Scaffolder Energy took highly skilled employees from Scaffolder Polska and the part of fixed assets.

Employees of Scaffolder Energy have the right to assemble scaffoldings in Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the United Kingdom as well as in Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They have security certificates, SCC, VCA, SSG and Green Card.


All the fitters have the "E Gr II" energy entitlements in the scope of exploitation of boilers and power equipment with a capacity above 50 kW. The employees of the Supervision have the energy rights "D Gr II" in the scope of supervision of boilers and power equipment with a capacity above 50 kW.